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As I am currently immersed in Steve Jobs‘ biography, this is the perfect topic to start this blog!iplate-1-5Have you ever wished to do ‘apple Z’ in your everyday life? Now it’s (almost) possible, in your iPlate. The French illustrator Todd Borka got inspired by his beloved Photoshop tools to create this series of 4 plates, with the well suited names of « Import Food », « Edit Food », « Image Size » and « Ctrl Z ».





iplate-1-4Images Ullule.com

”Who has never dreamed of being able to manage details of one’s own life like we manipulate today images on software like Photoshop? Who has never thought of doing ‘apple Z’ after breaking a glass? I have created theses series of funny plates following this kind of thoughts” Todd explains.

The bad news? No software upgrade available.
The good news: the porcelain iPlates are dishwasher compatible.