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Have you noticed how knitted products invade homes, and not just as cushions and plaids? Designers are playing with materials and large knit stitches to give a twist to the classic granny look.

Claire-anne O'brien London-based designer Claire-Anne O’Brien plays with oversized ‘threads’ for her Knit Stools.

Casamania GrannyThe Granny Pendant Lights are dressed with Tyrolian sheep wool, and the material is fire-retardant. (Pudelskern Design for Casamania)

Urchin PoufChristien Meindertsma uses giant knitting needles to create these textural Urchin poufs with New Zealand wool. Each stool even comes with a card identifying the sheep the wool came from! (Try also 3 Suisses in France or Etola in Finland for knitted poufs).

Granny chair WabedeAesthetic and eco-friendly, the Granny Chair from Wadebe is made of a natural wood framework combined with a sisal hand knit clothing.

Melanie PorterI can’t talk about knitted furniture without mentioning Melanie Porter: this knitwear designer uses her skills to give a new life to vintage furniture. I imagine how comfy it would be curling up on one of those knit armchairs this winter…

Photos: Knit Stools Claire-Anne O’Brien, Granny Pendant Lights Casamania, Urchin Poufs Christien Meindertsma, Granny Chair Wadebe, Knitted furniture Melanie Porter