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I just popped in the Forma CozyLiving ’12 fair in Helsinki. It’s a relatively small interior decoration fair, however it was still worth the visit as I made a few interesting discoveries. Three stands caught my attention, no big brands, but clever designs and refreshing ideas.

Pick#1 Think Today eco-designThink Today - Puzzle

Think Today is a Finnish company designing eco-products with leftovers of building and interior decoration industries. Instead of ending up as garbage in a dump, old tiles, carpets, wallpapers, laminates and fabrics are given a new life by being beautifully crafted into place mats and underlays for your kitchen, wall clocks, coatracks, boxes and notebooks. THINK TODAY collaborates with Finnish interior design companies like Värisilmä, Orient Occident and Upofloor to collect the wasted materials.Think Today - LEAFThink Today - CoolThink Today - ButterflyThink TodayEvery product is unique and has its own story. See how the back of each packaging tells what the product is made of as well as the material origin, clever!

Pick #2 Squirrel water gaugeThose cute plant pots are designed by a Thai company named New Arriva. By watering the plant (or your kitchen herbs) the happy squirrel rises from the log to say hello.Qualy

In the same collection called ‘Qualy’, Capsule Can is a fun oversized trash which swallows waste with style. The red version reminds me of a well-known fizzy drink… I choose the green or black one! New Arriva has won the Thai Design excellent award DEmark for the 100% recyclable Qualy collection.Capsule Can

Pick#3 Traditional sauna bucket revisited by Huone1Huone 1If you are not familiar with Finnish traditional sauna bucket, a classic version is what you see on the right, round shape and wood material. On the left is Huone1 revisited version of the sauna bucket, a surprising squarish shape applied also to the scoop. The material is painted aluminium and the removable handle is made of lacquered beech wood. In similar style Huone1 designed this stylish wood basket which would fit nicely next to my fireplace…Huone1

Photos Think Today, New Arriva (check also Bagus webshop) and Huone1