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With all the snow and frozen landscape outside, I am craving for bright colors. So I’m happily sharing the resurgence of fluo, a spring 2012 trend spotted in an Australian magazine I recently bought in the US. Neon colors are fusing with pastels and neutrals injecting optimistic tones to chase the winter blues away!

HomeLife neon bedroom

Fluo works wonderfully with soft pastels and natural woods. And that glowing pink neon on the wall is the cherry on the cake!

Fluo PBS tableFlamboyant fluos are balanced by airy compositions with plenty of breathing space. HomeLife vintage sofa in acid yellow Pink neon sofa table I find neon colors particularly vibrant against subdued and monochromatic color palettes, like this lacquered pink sofa table bursting in a dark grey living room.  Peau de vache by SerendipityThis fluo pink cowhide rug would fit well on the concrete flooring of a loft.Neon cage chandelierFramed in a fluo ‘cage’, a family chandelier pops in a classic hausmannian living room. Fluo used as accent color wakes up a space and definitely makes a statement!Fluo door frameFluo stools in white room Tweety light by Giorgio Bonaguro Offset stool by Giorgio Biscaro Smeg fridge Wegner Wishbone chair

How would you use fluo colors in your home?Color palette - For Interieur

Photos 1, 2, 3 HomeLife, dark grey living room via, fluo pink cowhide rug by Serendipity,  fluo caged chandelier by C. Perichon, fluo door frame and fluo red stools via,Tweety light by G. Bonaguro, Offset stools by G. Biscaro, Smeg fridge, Hans Wegner Wishbone chair from Danish Design Store