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The fabulous rugs from Swedish company Mattahari are designed by the very talented Ingrid Külper, who believes that forms and colours influence our sense of wellbeing – I cannot agree more. Her designs are inspired by the sacred geometry found in nature, from snowflakes to the human body. So her carpets are decorating spas and yoga studio as well as private homes. I absolutely like the sculptural shapes and my favorite pattern is Crown, which reminds me of a flat pinecone. Even the rugs names are inspiring, such as Seed of Life or Lotus. All carpets are handtufted and made from 100% New Zealand wool, mixed with bamboo silk for the softness and shine. Mattahari rug Crown

Mattahari Elle interiör Mattahari Crown Mattahari rug Crown Mattahari Seed of life rug Mattahari Seed of life rug Mattahari rug Seed of lifeMattahari rugs Stockholm FairMattahari rug Flake Photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 from Mattahari, photo 2 from Elle Interiör, photo 8 © For Interieur