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Ever got tired of the cable mess under your desk or behind the TV that ruins the view? Well, I did, so two weeks ago I ordered online a CableBox to finally hide those unruly cables out of sight. BlueLounge created this minimalistic yet clever box that holds neatly your power strip and the surplus cable lengths. Just place them all inside CableBox and close the lid, no need to unplug your devices.
CableBox by BlueloungeDesigned with cable outlets either side of the box, CableBox generous dimensions – 398 x 154 x H 134 mm – allow to store multiple power bricks. The box is made of fire-retardant plastic (no bioplastic though), and its rubber feet prevent the box from slipping.
CableBox by BlueloungeCableBox blackBefore & after pictures by real users, from Bluelounge site. This one could just be from my desk.

CableBox Mini version (below) is convenient for smaller clusters of cables and exists in fun vibrant colors.Cable box mini

In Finland you can order CableBox via JohtoJemma, otherwise directly from BlueLounge site or via Amazon which I found was the cheapest option.

I’d love to hear if you know other cable hide-away solutions, so please share if you do!

Photos via Bluelounge