Interior design services

As an interior designer my task is to translate your vision, needs, and dreams into aesthetic and functional spaces.

Before designing schemes, I meet you to gain understanding of your lifestyle, your vision, your brand, and how you use the space. We will discuss your thoughts and ideas, likes and dislikes and take time to understand your needs, budget and time line.

I gather architectural information about the space including dimensions, existing materials or furniture and other pertinent information.

Next step is where I create a design concept. I come back to you with suggestions, illustrated with images, drawings, moodboard, material samples, to help you visualize the ideas. After we have elaborated the right solution for you, you will get a full design proposal, which typically includes:

  • Space planning
  • Material & finishing selection
  • Paint and wall covering
  • Wall and floor treatment
  • Color schemes
  • Furnishing and upholstery
  • Lighting
  • Fabrics (such as curtains, carpet, bedspread)
  •  … and any others elements based on client’s specific needs

The design is always tailored to the individual and precise requirements of the client.

+ Interior design project example 

Ready to take the next step?
Contact me to get started:
email vanessa.leskinen (at)
+358 40 772 2345

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